Adverse Psychiatric Reactions

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Promoting awareness of medicines that can harm mental health

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) caused by everyday medicines, or anaesthetics can include depression, anxiety, insomnia, suicidal feelings. Pharmaceutical drugs for pain, infections, acne, anxiety, depression, may cause immediate or withdrawal reactions. Genetic differences may put individuals at risk. Follow the links to the web site for more information:


RxISK has compiled a list of over 350 individual medicines that cause problems. Most of these drugs are marketed under many different trade names, sometimes hundreds of different trade names when language variations are taken into account. Many are marketed in combination with other medicines – sometimes with 3 or 4 or more medicines bundled into the same pill – with the result that you may not realize what drugs you are taking. The labeling of these drugs can differ across countries, with some labels revealing the risks in the very small print, and labels from other countries not revealing the risks from the same drug.

In total there are 40,000 or more different trade named drugs in North America and Europe that can make you depressed, agitated or suicidal. Roughly 20% of the named drugs on the market in any one country may pose risks to you. Roughly 33% of us are taking one of them.

The risk comes from the drug, not you. The difficulty in seeing this comes from the fact that we are all different. A drug that makes one person feel better, slows their heart rate or lowers their cholesterol, may make their friend suicidal, increase their heart rate or increase cholesterol levels.

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